4 Ways To Achieve Minimalism in Bathroom Designs & Renovations

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 , Posted by Bradhaw Plumbing

Minimalist design is on the rise. A quick search online and you will see that minimalism has taken over the internet and design world by storm. Bathrooms are a great space in your home to apply minimalist design principles. As a smaller room, you have less space to work with and taking a minimalist approach can help you make your bathroom appear larger and make better use of the space overall.

What Is Minimalist Design?

Minimalism takes a less is more approach to design. It is meant to make your room look comfortable yet sophisticated and modern. Minimal and smaller furniture, components and accessories are used to create more space. The style uses features that have strict lines, unique shapes, and simple colours.

A minimalist designed bathroom will also help you be more organized, they are easier to clean and more spacious. If you are considering a bathroom renovation or redesign and have a preference for contemporary designs, give these minimalist bathroom design ideas consideration:

, 4 Ways To Achieve Minimalism in Bathroom Designs & Renovations,

No Unnecessary Furniture or Accessories

As homeowners, we have a tendency to fill up the rooms in our home with too much furniture and stuff. Just because we have space doesn’t mean we need to fill it. As part of a minimalist design, you’ll want to plan a bathroom that has only the basic requirements – toilet, vanity, and tub/shower. No need for bulky shelving, racks, and towel racks.

Use Contrast And Colour Wisely

Minimalist designs tend to use a lot of white, greys and black colours. Stick to a more neutral colour palette throughout the space, including with accent pieces. Using lighter colours as the base of your design and using darker colours to create contrast can make a bold statement. For example, use white or light grey for the walls and black for the faucets, handles, and borders.

Also, don’t be afraid to use a touch of colour as an accent or to highlight a specific feature of your bathroom. When used sparingly, a bold colour can add a new dimension to your design.

, 4 Ways To Achieve Minimalism in Bathroom Designs & Renovations,

Build Storage Into The Design

Make every inch count. Choose your vanity wisely. Ideally, you want it to also double as storage for your bathroom. Minimalist designs strategically make use of vanities that take up limited space. Also, avoid overstuffing your storage space with a personal item.

Get The Floor Plan Right

The placement of your shower, vanity and toilet has a big impact on the functional space in your bathroom. Choose a design that maximizes the space you have available. Remember, you want to create as much space as possible. Avoid choosing bulky accessories. Opt for more sleek and shapely items. Quality over quantity.

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