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Plumbing Services for business

Commercial plumbing and fixtures have higher use, generating more wear and tear on your plumbing system. To help keep your plumbing in order and working effectively, Bradshaw Plumbing offers a variety of plumbing services to keep your business problem free in Scarborough, Toronto & surrounding areas.

Our high quality services include:

Plumbing Services  Electronic and manual faucets
 Pressure assist toilets
 ADA and Regular height Toilets
 Grab bars
 shut off valve replacement
 Basin hookup
 Slop sinks
 Commercial kitchen sinks
 bar sinks
 Dishwasher hookup
 Backwater valves
 Low water pressure solutions
 hot water tank replacement
 water softeners
 backflow preventers
 lead bend replacement
 galvanized water pipe replacements
 shower doors
 hand showers
 Vanity installation
 shower stalls
 laundry tubs
 complete remodeling


We have the experience and highly qualified technicians that can do the job.

Pipe Thawing services for business

Many different types of businesses need water to operate effectively and frozen pipes or water lines can shut down your business. We have the equipment to get your water flowing.

Pipe Thawing  electronically thawing of frozen water lines and water services
 Take preventative measures to guard against future occurrence


Drain Service for Business

A clogged or broken drain is a serious issue for your company and depending on the severity of the issue could your company time and money. Make sure the drains at your business are properly taken care of by Bradshaw Plumbing. We offer an extensive list of drain services for businesses.

We provide service for all types of business: retail stores, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, restaurants and health facilities.

Here are some of the many drain services we offer to our business clients:

Drain Service  clearing clogged sewers
 clearing of plugged basins, tubs, showers, toilets, kitchens & laundry
 pressure jetting and washing
 video inspection
 drain locating
 septic conversions to city drains
 replacement of broken drains
 installation of backwater valves
 Catch basin cleaning
 Back flow preventers


Don’t let a troublesome drain prevent you from doing business as usual. Call us today and we will come out and fix the problem so you can focus on your business.

Give us a call and let us show you great service in action. We provide service 24/7. We stand by our motto of “same day service…better cleaner, faster!”

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